The SM21-Z3 Advance Servo Saw


Pipe saws cut extruded pipe into standard lengths.

Advance makes chop-style and upcut-style saws for up to 8” pipe.

We also make SERVOMASTER SM21 saws with high-accuracy servo operation.

All our saws are built with a priority on operator safety, and each one incorporates a tried and tested set of safeguards. Each one is designed to be easy to use, transparent in its operation, and consistent in its results.

Learn about all three styles below!

The CS-2/3 Blade and Dust Port

CS-Series CHOP-style saws come in ½”–2” and ½–3” sizes

Our CS-2 and CS-3 chop-style saws have the advantages of very compact operation and speed. You can fit two of these saws side by side on a 16” twinline setup, saving at least eight feet of line length. Also, these saws have the operating mechanisms above the table, which lets them make the cut very quickly. Many of these saws have been used to cut short lengths of conduit for bending, at rates of 40 cuts per minute.

Even on 10’ and 20’ cut lengths, they last practically forever, with simple mechanisms that are easy to maintain and dust collection accessories that can catch 99% of the chips.

The ZX-6 Upcut Saw

ZX-Series UPCUT-style saws come in ½”–3” to ½–8” sizes

Upcut-style saws like the ZX-6 (at left) are built to last while cutting heavy pipe.
They have precision linear guideways to support the up-cutting sawing action, and very robust construction to outlast the rough environment in a PVC pipe plant.

Well-guarded, and with all the working parts tucked away under the table, they are very quiet and make spare, smooth cuts. High-performance pneumatic systems yield a predictable table travel, while Kinechek-dampened sawing motions smooth operation.

In Four Sizes:   ZX3-XD    •    ZX4-XD    •    ZX6-XD    •    ZX8-XD

The time-tested features of our CS & ZX saws have entered the 21st century with SERVOMASTER Saws

Advance invented the servo saw for profile cutting back in 1992, but until recently, all servo saws were just too tricky to use in a PVC pipe plant.

It wasn’t until we started using Allen-Bradley servo-integrated PLCs, and the rugged Advance Equipment belt-drive actuator, that servo saws were tough enough to survive. Now they are built to handle the abuse, and have simple controls that your maintenance department will understand and your operators will love.

The SM21-CS2 Chop-Style Servomaster

SERVOMASTER CHOP-style saws come in ½”–2” and ½–3” sizes


The SM21-Z3XD Upcut-Style Servomaster

SERVOMASTER UPCUT-style saws come in ½”–3”, ½”–4” and ½”–6” sizes


You heard it here first: servo saws are the way to go in the PVC pipe plant of future.
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