The T3 and T6 Pipe Pullers


Pullers draw the pipe out of the extruder, through the sizing sleeve and cooling tanks, and deliver a continuous pipe for the saw to cut.

Advance makes the T3 Puller for up to 3″ pipe,
and the T6 Puller for up to 6″ pipe.

Since 2004, the T3 and T6 four-tire pullers have been convincing even those producers who don’t like tire pullers! We looked at what was then available in tire pullers and it was junk, so we decided to create our own.

First, we got rid of the four-speed gearbox. You know, the one with the shifter lever? Then we tossed out the transmission and all the chains. The DC drive had to go, but that didn’t leave much except the sun-and-planet gears. Unfortunately, they were cast iron, so we threw them in the dumpster too.

Here’s what we put back in:

T3 Gearbox
Hardened steel gears are mounted on oversized ground and polished shafts.
A unitized helical-bevel gear motor from NORD Gear, mounted directly to a driving shaft, replaces all the old hardware. This gear motor has its own motorized cooling fan, so you can run it down to 1 fpm and the motor stays cool.

With an advanced AC VFD and optional vector drive feedback, the result is a simple, tight machine that just doesn’t fail. Eliminating all that power transmission hardware reduces backlash by a factor of five or ten, so you get less surging and wear.

Both models also offer an optional remote control box with up to 100 feet of cord for Start, Stop, speed control and speed display at the extruder. Optional saw cut signal provided by encoder and counter.