Pipe Flippers

Pipe Flipping Machines


Pipe alternators or “Flippers” rotate your pipes end for end, so your employees don’t end up with injuries!

Advance makes the FP-8 Pipe Flipper for up to 8” Sch 80 pipe, and the FP-16 Alternator for up to 16” C900 DR14 pipe.
Both machines operate on up to 20′ lengths.

These unfortunate machines have the worst job in the plant: elevate and rotate every other pipe end-for-end, so they stack up in the shipping crate. But… better them than your operators! Boost productivity, avoid worker injuries, and keep a happy workforce with an Advance alternator.

The FP-8 uses a single pneumatic cylinder to elevate the pipe, and a gearmotor with friction wheel to rotate. It’s a simple design with just one wear part. A pilot-operated check valve is hard-piped to prevent collapse if you lose power or accidentally cut an air line.

Pipe Flipping Machines
With a rated load of 1200 pounds, the FP-16 uses a single hydraulic cylinder for lift, and a double-piston hydraulic rotary actuator to rotate. Our unique system uses a pair of VFD-controlled pumps to deliver power and regulated control as needed. This machine is one smooth operator.

Want to see our flippers in action?
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