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Gages for ½”-2” Pipe: Bell GO/NOGO and O.D. Sleeve Style

Bell Go-NoGo Gage
These gages take all the guesswork out of QC for small diameter pipe and bells.
Any untrained operator can easily check the O.D of the pipe and the fit of the bell in seconds.

Precision machined from 300-series stainless steel and laser-marked for identification.

Bell O.D. Sleeve Gage


Bell Insertion Reference Marking Tools

Bell Marking Tools
Using inexpensive marking pens, our marking tools place a bold ring mark on the spigot end of each pipe. Unlike most markers, ours locates the ring off of the spigot end of the pipe. No matter if your pipes are cut long or short, each mark is within 1/8” of where you set it.


Restrained Joint Bell Grooving/Spline Machining Tools

Restrained Joint Bell
Several manufacturers now make piping systems where pipe joints are sealed with an O-ring or other gasket, and kept from pulling apart by a rectangular spline. We supply machines to perform these belling and bell machining operations.
CLIB Beller


Custom PV-Mold Beller

Custom design has always been part of Advance Equipment.

Most of our machines incorporate customer-requested features, and we’re always up for a new design challenge. If you have a unique problem that needs a mechanical solution, we want to be the ones to provide it.

Let us help solve your next mechanical challenge. Contact us today!