Vacuum Sizing Tanks


Vacuum sizing and cooling tanks chill and size the pipe.

Advance makes the VST-8 vacuum sizing/spray cooling tank for up to 8” pipe,
the VST-42 twinline vacuum sizing/spray cooling tank for up to 4” pipe, and the
SCT-42 twinline spray cooling tank.

We built these tanks in 2012, and our customer says they are the finest, best-cooling tanks he has used in 40 years in PVC pipe. Their enhanced control features include: VFD control of dual vacuum chambers, with PLC analog vacuum monitoring, water level control, and temperature control of the spray cooling water. Two robust pressure pumps provide the flow to delivery finely atomized water through 240 spray nozzles.


Mechanically, they have every feature you can think of:

    • Quick-change tooling & all stainless steel construction
    • Large water sumps & double bag water filtration
    • Motorized adjustment into and away from the diehead
    • Handwheel vertical adjustment, easy access to water and vacuum pumps, and more.

Tanks like this cost more than a basic tank. You have to balance higher throughput with less line length, against the higher cost. Same goes for durability, and the improved control of vacuum, sizing and wall. It’s not an easy choice.