Chamfer Tools

ID Chamfer Reamer

Chamfering tools de-burr the spigot end of each pipe, inside or outside.

Advance makes the I.D. Chamfer Reamer and the “Bevel Devil” O.D. chamfering tool for up to 8” pipe.

We also make automated machines to do this job right inside your beller.

Most of the conduit industry has to chamfer the inside of each spigot end, and our I.D. Reamers were designed for that. C-2 carbide inserts last for many thousands of de-burring operations, and can easily be replaced in the field in about 15 minutes.


Bevel Devil OD Chamfer Tool

The Bevel Devil

Gasket belled pipe needs a 15 degree bevel on the outside of the spigot end, and the Bevel Devil cutter, (looking a lot like your elementary school pencil sharpener) machines a smooth bevel on the beller, while the pipe is being belled.
If you don’t have a planetary saw to cut your bevel, this tool is for you.

Advance I.D. Reamer
with replaceable carbide blades
Offered for the following pipe sizes:
1½” – 3”  •  1½” – 4”  •  4” – 6”  •  6” – 8”
Advance O.D. Bevel Devil
with replaceable carbide blades
Sizes from 1½” up to 8”