Pipe Bundler Machine


The B2 Unibundler produces neat, tight bundles of pipe in groups of 5 or 10 pieces.

Advance makes the B2 Unibundler for
½” to 2½” pipes.

We have developed a machine that is (1) safer, (2) much more forgiving of bent pipes, and (3) much easier to set up.

The B-2 is safer. Other brands have bad pinch points on the pipe push conveyor, and the outfeed on some has a “pressing roller” that might seize an operator. We eliminated these hazards.

The B-2 is forgiving. Our bundle triple-forming mechanisms are sturdy and require very little adjustment, and the stacking trays are very simple to position.

The B-2 is hassle-free. On other bundlers, you actually have to crawl inside to make adjustments. It’s such a hassle that operators often don’t make them. Then, loading and pipe stacking get sloppy, and crossovers and misfeeds increase. The B-2 is designed to avoid all these problems.

We have a video that shows just how easy pipe bundling can be:   Watch!

The B-2 Unibundler is about 40 inches wide, which is 20 inches narrower than some others.

We recommend one of these effective strappers: the Signode 4300 or Strappex SMG. With either of these machines, you can finally realize big labor savings with a truly automated system. Some producers prefer the Felins stretch-film wrapping machine.

B2 Offloader

The B-2 Offloader

Pipe Bundler Machine

The Signode Bundleform

Pipe Bundler Machine

The B-2 Tripleform