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    Belling Machines

    Belling machines are the core of Advance Equipment Co.

    In 1967, our founder was belling pipe with a bathroom heat lamp and a wet towel. Now, you can simply choose one of our 26 efficient, automatic machines. It’s much simpler.

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    Smooth and quiet but robust, our saws stand up to the worst pipe plant abuse.

    With a dozen models including pneumatic and servo precision options, your search for a reliable and simple saw stops at Advance.

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Customized Downsteam Equipment for the PVC Pipe Industry

Since 1978, Advance Equipment Company has worked to develop and perfect downstream equipment for the PVC pipe industry.
Our machines are tailored to fit your special requirements, and deliver profitability, performance and peace of mind.   More about us >


Take a look at our products:

Made in the USA

PVC Belling Machines

Bellers are our flagship products, and it shows. We build them in normal, fast, and blazing speeds for both solvent-weld and Rieber gasket bells, and they’re designed to withstand the punishment of a working PVC pipe plant.   Learn more >

PVC Saws

Whether you need speed, precision, or the ability to cut heavy pipe, we build the right saw for you.   Learn more >

Unitized gearbox. Hardened shafts. German engineering. This is not your typical tire puller.   Learn more >

Pipe Bundlers

The B2 Unibundler is all about making your life easier. It’s safer,  more forgiving of bent pipes, and easier to set up than any other bundler on the market. Oh, and it does a nice job bundling your pipe, too.   Learn more >


…and our specialty equipment:


Vacuum Sizing Tanks

One customer says they’re the finest tanks he has used in 40 years.   Learn why >

Pipe Flippers

Boost productivity and avoid workforce injuries with an Advance flipper.   See how >

PVC Chamfer Tools

Inside or outside chamfer tools with long-lasting C2 carbide inserts.  Read more >

Other Products

Dependable solutions for unique problems, both stock and custom.   Examples >